Peter Grillmair


Peter’s main focus lies on fashion and people photography. After having assisted photographers like Moritz Schell and Felix Lammers, he started his own business. In his first year he shot a number of editorials for both national and international magazines. He has had collaborations with dutch wunderkind Anouk Wipprecht, who designed Fergie’s superbowl dress, and portrayed musicians like the great „Sir“ Louie Austen or the wonder- and colorful ex-Parov Stelar singer Lylit. Furthermore he was nominated by the German Professional Imagers Club (PIC) for the scholarship, which he ultimately won. 

In 2017 something great came into Peter’s life, an it was somewhat a child at the beginning, because it had to grow: yoga. In 2019 he finished his yoga instructor training and is now a certified teacher with classes in and around Austria. In 2022 the silent academy was found, so if you find that interesting, just take a look at the „Yoga“ Link above. We’re all connected! 

Peter lives and works in Vienna. 

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